Science this term was out of this world, literally! We explored the depths of the universe and discovered what humans have achieved through breakthroughs in science and technology. 


Students studied the origins of the universe with the Big Bang, and the different kinds of celestial bodies in the universe. We gained a huge amount of knowledge about our very own solar system close to home, as well as constellations far away. Students learned to recognise and name various constellations and connect them with cultural legends. Our mini scientists learned about the life cycle of stars and the sheer grandeur of some of our hyper giants such as UY Scuti.


In the Space Race project each student  researched  their personal topic in depth , they prepared their own model or poster and gave presentations about what they had learned about humans and our knowledge of space throughout history. From Copernicus, to black hole theories, to the first dog in space, and even to questions such as why Neptune is blue, the presentations were absolutely mind blowing!  


This term we were extremely lucky to have a special robotics workshop with our Secondary Science and Technology teachers Teresa and Paula. They guided us step by step as we designed, built, and decorated our very own Mars Rover cars! It was incredible to see how the students combined their skills in a team of mini engineers to create their very own Mars exploration robots, Wow!


We have thoroughly enjoyed our intergalactic journey, now it's time to go back to our planet Earth and take good care of it!

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