Rita Zacarelli

Rita Zacarelli

23 May 2022
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Space Expo Gondomar

Science this term was out of this world, literally! We explored the depths of the universe and discovered what humans have achieved through breakthroughs in science and technology. 


Students studied the origins of the universe with the Big Bang, and the different kinds of celestial bodies in the universe. We gained a huge amount of knowledge about our very own solar system close to home, as well as constellations far away. Students learned to recognise and name various constellations and connect them with cultural legends. Our mini scientists learned about the life cycle of stars and the sheer grandeur of some of our hyper giants such as UY Scuti.


In the Space Race project each student  researched  their personal topic in depth , they prepared their own model or poster and gave presentations about what they had learned about humans and our knowledge of space throughout history. From Copernicus, to black hole theories, to the first dog in space, and even to questions such as why Neptune is blue, the presentations were absolutely mind blowing!  


This term we were extremely lucky to have a special robotics workshop with our Secondary Science and Technology teachers Teresa and Paula. They guided us step by step as we designed, built, and decorated our very own Mars Rover cars! It was incredible to see how the students combined their skills in a team of mini engineers to create their very own Mars exploration robots, Wow!


We have thoroughly enjoyed our intergalactic journey, now it's time to go back to our planet Earth and take good care of it!

25 Ene 2022
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Jurassic Gondomar: The Dino Expo

On Friday 21st January the primary playground was transformed into an exciting Dinosaur Museum! Welcomed by paleontologists - and even a life-size dinosaur - pupil, parents, teachers and students from Gondomar school flocked to visit the once-in-a-lifetime museum.


With radio controlled dinosaurs roaming the area to the sounds of wild jungle noises and roaring dinosaurs, the playground became an exciting Jurassic world.
Visitors followed  fossilized dino footprints on a facinating tour. The adventure started with the essential tools paleontologists need for digging and discovering dinosaur fossils and remains. Next they saw an excavation site where dinosaur eggs had been uncovered and cleaned by our mini paleontologists. They learned from models of life-size dinosaur teeth and found out more about herbivores and carnivores based on the shape of their teeth.
Visitors could then see detailed, incredible models explaining the complex food chains of which dinosaurs were an essential part. Further along students performed an entertaining live puppet show to demonstrate the intricate Jurassic ecosystems. That was followed by an in depth explanation of dinosaur skeletons with huge posters detailing their anatomy. The tour ended with carefully researched fact-files for various species of dinosaur and an archive section containing a collection of fun and fascinating books from all our students.
It really was a great afternoon. The Gondomar primary students were especially proud to show their families all they had learned and discovered since September.  
Well done EVERYONE!! And thank you so much for coming!

We hope to see you again at the next GONDOMAR SCIENCE EXPO!!

03 Nov 2020
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This is Halloween...

“Run, run, run before they get you, when the moon is bright, it’s Halloween tonight! “

This Halloween was so much fun! We travelled to a magical world where three children got locked out of a huge house full of sweets. By dancing, singing, and learning the verses of the song, the students in Primary were able to unlock the house to get their sweets!



In our Science lessons we explored the senses, we made potions, and we learned more about our blood.

This year we added story telling to our Halloween week, the students heard the teachers tell dramatic stories and they even wrote their own incredible short stories, what talented young writers we have!

On Friday our cute little pupils came to school with their homemade spooky face masks! What a fright we had when we saw them at 9:00!

It’s been fun and we have learned so much! See you next year!

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