03 Nov 2020

This is Halloween...

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“Run, run, run before they get you, when the moon is bright, it’s Halloween tonight! “

This Halloween was so much fun! We travelled to a magical world where three children got locked out of a huge house full of sweets. By dancing, singing, and learning the verses of the song, the students in Primary were able to unlock the house to get their sweets!



In our Science lessons we explored the senses, we made potions, and we learned more about our blood.

This year we added story telling to our Halloween week, the students heard the teachers tell dramatic stories and they even wrote their own incredible short stories, what talented young writers we have!

On Friday our cute little pupils came to school with their homemade spooky face masks! What a fright we had when we saw them at 9:00!

It’s been fun and we have learned so much! See you next year!

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